Visitors – CHS019

Health & Safety

Whether you’re coming to collect your lifting equipment, witness a Proof Load Test, have a meeting with one of us or you’re simply just delivering something to us, the below information is really important.


At Catena, we recognise the importance of making our workplace a safe working environment for our employees and visitors. With that in mind, we would ask “Is your Visit really necessary?” We use tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Conference Calls, along with the option to have videos of tests, which means that, whilst we love to see you all, some visits these days to see us aren’t always necessary. 

If your visit to Catena is necessary,  then please let us know so we can schedule this in.

PPE on site

If you’re coming for a meeting with one of us, just head to Reception, no PPE required!

Collections & Deliveries, make someone aware of your arrival and they will help you to get unloaded or loaded up!

If you’re witnessing a Proof Load Test, or coming to look at something in the Workshop you’ll need: Hi-Vis, Safety Boots & Glasses. 

Other important information

On Arrival

Ensure you go to Reception and we can let your Host at Catena know you have arrived.

On Site

Whilst on site, please remain with your host whenever possible and comply with any reasonable requests. Follow all H&S signage if left unattended.

Movement on site

Driving: Ensure you drive carefully & do not exceed a speed limit of 5mph. When parking, do so safely with consideration for others. Please also keep to walkways and use Pedestrian crossing as required

If you hear a fire alarm

We conduct a Fire Alarm Test at 11am on the first Wednesday of the Month. At any other time, a continuous alarm means you must leave the building using the nearest available exit and proceed to the signposted assembly point. 

If you discover/suspect a fire

Activate the fire alarm using a red break glass Call Point, leave the building and make your way to the Assembly Point in the Car Park by the main gates. Remain at the assembly point until told it is safe to return to the building.


Catena operates a no smoking policy within its buildings, including e-cigarettes, in accordance with smoke free legislation.

There are 2 designated smoking areas should this be required, please ask a member of staff to direct you,

First aid

If you require First Aid, please make your host or a member of Catena staff aware, who will ensure you are seen by a fully qualified First Aider.

special needs

If you have any Special Needs, please do not hesitate to raise these with your Host (before arrival if possible). Arrangements can then be made to make sure that your visit runs as smoothly as possible.

specific risks

There are certain areas within Catena where access is restricted to authorised persons only. Safety signs, notices and instructions are provided to protect you; we require that you comply with them. Please ask a member of Staff if you are unsure.