As a long-established business, we appreciate the importance of paying our suppliers on time and in line with any agreements made. We always adhere to the payment promises we make.

May we remind you how our system works and how you can receive payment as agreed.

You must obtain a valid purchase order number from the person who places the order with you BEFORE providing your service. This must be stated on your invoice. Invoices will not be processed without a valid purchase order number.

Invoices are processed against completed Purchase Orders Lines in our system, please ensure that PODs are provided to ensure that that an order is completed within the system upon receipt.

In return Catena will:

  • Send a remittance advice informing you of the value in advance of the payment landing.
  • Pay you to our standard terms are 60 Days EOM unless otherwise agreed.
  • Process any invoices received prior to our accounting cut-off date, which is the 10th of the month. Invoices received after our cut-off date will be put into the next month.
  • This means that, for example, an invoice dated January but received on or after 10th February would be treated as a February Invoice and paid as such.

PLEASE send all invoices to to avoid any complications.

 You must send a monthly statement of account the month after the service is provided to Please note we cannot pay without your statement being reconciled.

We are here to help with any question or query, but we ask that you don’t hesitate to contact us using  or calling 01773 748556 Option 2 between 9.30am and 2.00pm

We look forward to continuing the mutually rewarding relationship between our companies.