Yoke Snatch Block with Captive Shackle

Snatch blocks are typically used for short term and intermittent lifting applications where loads are required to be lifted and or moved horizontally. They are easy to transport from location to location and are relatively quick and easy to rig. More permanent arrangements would typically use a crane or a construction block.

  • YOKE snatch blocks are manufactured of the highest quality forged alloy steel.
  • Available in sizes 2 tonnes to 20 tonnes.
  • Designed with a safety factor 4:1
  • Fatigue rated 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL.
  • Snatch Blocks are supplied with bronze bushings and grease fitting nipples for ease of use and extended shelf life.
  • Part number, wire rope size and working load limit are marked on each block.
  • Permanent batch codes link to test certificates for easy traceability.
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26-2010
  • ABS Type Approval Ref. TA1060896-PDA