Yale Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block


Galvanised Steel Cable Lanyard with Swivel Snap Hook – Range from 6m to 28m

Yale retractable “self retracting lifeline” (SRL) fall arrest block with zinc galvanised steel rope. Conforms to EN360.

Yale fall arrest block with zinc galvanised steel rope ranging from 6M – 28M all cable diameter of 4mm.

Lightweight 6m webbing fall arrest block with aluminium snap hook swivel connector & fall indicator.

Fitted as standard with fall indicator in connector.


  • Plastic housing
  • Zinc-galvanised steel rope (diameter 4 mm).
  • Rope lengths between 6 and 28 m.
  • End connection:screw gate snap hook AXK 10 Sl, opening 23 mm and fall indicator.


Model Article Length (m)
CMHCR2006 37320006 6.0
CMHCR20010 37320010 10.0
CMHCR20012 37320012 12.0
CMHCR20015 37320015 15.0
CMHCR30020 37320020 20.0
CMHCR300025 37320025 25.0
CMHCR30028 4300006131 28.0

6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 28m