Tractel blocfor™ 10 ESD SR 150kg


A new blocfor generation, automatic fall arresters, equipped with a shock-absorption system (ESD).

As part of the process of developing its range of PPE fall protection products, Tractel® is launching a new automatic fall arrester: the blocfor 10 ESD 150kg.

Conditions of use and regulatory framework

The blocfor 10 ESD 150kg is suitable for all works-at-height for which great freedom of movement is required.

The blocfor 10 ESD 150kg mechanism, the automatic fall prevention device, automatically unwinds and rewinds the cable inside the housing thanks to its integrated spring.

The blocfor 10 ESD 150kg automatic fall arrester can be used:
•    for people up to 150kg, the equipment is compliant with sheet CNB/P/11.062 ‘fall protection device with a capacity of over 100kg’.
•    in a vertical position with a maximum angle of 20° to the right or left of the anchor
•    in a horizontal position (on a terrace roof) with a terrace edge radius greater than 0.5 mm without the addition of an anti-breakage lanyard. It is compliant with standard EN360 as well as the ‘horizontal use’ VG11 CNB/P/11.060 07 technical sheet