RidgeGear RGH35

The RGH16 is a further innovation of the Ridgegear range of safety harness. This comfortable harness is designed for operatives who spend long hours working at height and in exposed areas.

  • For fall arrest the harness comprises front and rear D rings
  • 2 x side D work positioning D rings on a comfortable support pad
  • Also features a ventral front D ring positioned at the waist for sit suspension and/or work positioning

Our new ladies harness is specially designed by ladies for ladies. The harness is manufactured with a high chest “V” and centre strap which fits comfortably between the breasts to limit any possible damage to the breast tissue in the event of a fall.

  • Supplied with a waist belt for additional comfort and quick connect leg adjustments to aid donning
  • Comfort leg pads are supplied as standard
  • Shoulder pads can be supplied as an optional extra