Checkmate SAL – shock absorber lanyard


The SAL fixed length webbing lanyard with shock pack available in lengths between 0.5m and 2m with single or twin leg options to offer 100% tie off when moving around structures.

Note – Lanyard length is measured between the bearing points of the hooks. Exchanging a karabiner for a scaffold hook could lengthen a lanyard beyond the maximum allowable length under the relevant EN standard.


  •  Webbing strength: 22kN – minimum breaking load
  •  Maximum Length: 2 metres
  •  Maximum Arresting Force: = 6.0kN
  •  Average Arresting Force: = 4.5kN
  •  User Weight: 100kg maximum (150kg rated variants also available)


  •  EN 354 & EN 355


  •  Dyneema® and Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™ are trademarks of DSM. Use of these trademarks is prohibited unless strictly authorized.


  •  Shock Absorber Pouch: Polyamide tear webbing with a polyester webbing backup
  •  Connector: 8mm Oval Rapide Link
  •  Connecting Ring: Aluminium (Twin Leg variants only)
  •  Choke Ring: Aluminium
  •  Webbing: Webbing made with Dyneema®/Polyester = 19mm