we are here for you & your business, now & always.

Are you still open?

Yes! We have adapted many parts of how we work so we can continue to serve businesses in many Industries and still keep the whole Team safe.

Can you still come to my business for examinations?

Yes! As long as our Engineers are able to carry out their duties safely and still follow the Government's Social Distancing Guidlines, we can come to you. You can also still drop your equipment off with us!

Does my equipment still need examining?

Yes! Unlike the extensions to having an MOT, the HSE have not placed any extensions on LOLER examinations. Read their statement here: https://leeaint.com/library/upload/documents/loler-pssr-during-outbreak.pdf

Are you still able to supply lifting equipment?

Yes! We hold a variety of Lifting equipment in stock at all times and we can supply you with everything you need to continue working.
Phew, that's one less thing to worry about!

If you have any other questions or need help, please
call us: 01773 748556
email: enquiries@catenais.cO.uK