Once Upon a Time…

One day, in Catena Land, there was a new customer that came from the circus.

They were having a little trouble finding us, so had called for directions. They were duly directed but still couldn’t find us. It was decided to up the direction capabilities of the staff member offering directions, meaning they got a management response… The aforementioned manager (mentioning no names) gave more directions to the man from the circus, then decided to wave him in from the car park…

He goes outside, in the pouring rain, and flags down the car pulling into the car park and asks the bemused driver ‘Are you from the circus?’ – some strange looks (from the driver) and belly laughs (from us watching in the office) later he realises his mistake, and allows the driver to continue to their destination.

We were still laughing when the actual man from the circus came in, and even now (over a year later!) we often reminisce…

circus Swahili dictionary .

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