Choosing the Right Chain Grade

At Catena Inspection and Engineering Services Ltd, we supply a wide range of lifting chains, including strong stainless steel chains, as well as fitting components. We supply chains in sizes up to 32 millimetres, and different lengths can be cut to suit your requirements. We offer assemblies to our clients, and all chains are constructed according to BS EN818-2 and BS EN818-3 regulations. Humans have been using chains for thousands of years, and today is still one of the most versatile and reliable ways to lift, tension, and tie down materials.

Additional Assemblies

Alternative assembly options can either be used as replacements or can enhance the efficiency of your current lifting system. Just a few of these examples include stainless steel master links, eye grab hooks, DNV quad assemblies, ROV eye shank hooks, and angular swivels.

Chain Grades

When choosing your chain grade, it is important to know that these are based on the ultimate breaking strength of each respective chain. The numbers you see listed referring to the grade of the chain correspond to the maximum stress on the chain. For example, if a chain has a grade of 80, this is actually 800 N/mm2 , where the N stands for newtons. Read on to find out more about chain grades to find the right one for your application. 

Grade 80

Our penultimate chain strength of grade 80 can be used for overhead lifting. A higher strength chain, this option is a heat-treated carbon steel chain, often used as a sling component for overhead lifting. Additionally, common purposes include rigging and tie-down applications, where it is more desirable to have the balance between the weight and strength of the chain.

Grade 100

Our highest strength chain is grade 100 and has around 25% higher strength than the grade 80 chains. Again, this chain is also recommended for overhead lifting, whereby it is primarily used as a sling component. This chain has the benefit of being capable to carry out the same jobs as the previous grades, as well as being the sturdiest option for overhead lifting.

Contact Us

For more information about our stainless steel chains, fittings and assemblies, please get in touch with the Catena team through our contact page or email us at You can also speak to us directly by calling 01773 748 556. A member of our team will be pleased to assist you with your enquiry.

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