Thorough Examination

LOLER Inspection

By law, almost all commercial and industrial lifting equipment must be inspected every six or twelve months (depending on what it is used for) for defects, damage, and signs of wear or corrosion.  These regular examinations have been found to be effective in preventing accidents as any problem with the equipment will usually be spotted before it becomes critical and can be repaired.  Thorough examination of industrial equipment saves lives, and ensuring all the machinery is in safe working order is the responsibility of equipment owners, equipment operators and the administrators of the site where the equipment is active.

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Choosing the Right Chain Grade

At Catena Inspection and Engineering Services Ltd, we supply a wide range of lifting chains, including strong stainless steel chains, as well as fitting components. We supply chains in sizes up to 32 millimetres, and different lengths can be cut to suit your requirements. We offer assemblies to our clients, and all chains are constructed according to BS EN818-2 and BS EN818-3 regulations. Humans have been using chains for thousands of years, and today is still one of the most versatile and reliable ways to lift, tension, and tie down materials.

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Congrats to Pete!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Pete Hennessey, one of our Lifting Engineers was awarded the ‘Cyril McCaully Memorial Prize’ for the best paper in Lifting Machines Power in the Academic Year 2015.

This is one of the modules that forms part of the LEEA Team Card, watch this space for further announcements when he does another module next year 😉

The bar has been well and truly set!

Congrats Pete places of visit facebook down . Emfreepexrigdans

William Hackett Chains

News from William Hackett

The oldest UK chain products manufacturer William Hackett is delighted to announce that it has signed a strategic distribution agreement for the UK and Ireland with Ketten Wälder, who manufacture the cromox range, which is Europe’s most complete grade 6 stainless steel chain sling system.

Both Ketten Wälder and William Hackett are family-run companies that share the same ethos of integrity and dependability and a commitment to establish long term supply arrangements. This agreement combines world class design and manufacturing with world class distribution, assembly and certification services through a network of established distributors.

William Hacket

The new collaboration of William Hackett and Ketten Wälder brings together two of Europe’s most progressive chain sling systems.

Ketten Wälder has been developing its brands for over 70 years. Using the very best of German engineering and craftsmanship they now offer a high quality range of cromox Grade 6 products specifically designed for the most demanding of environments.

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